Website Builders.  Build your own website templates

You have probably seen on TV many different companies advertising the ‘build your own website in under an hour’ website builders.  It really is as easy as it looks on the advert,  if you know what you are doing.

You might find yourself wondering where you can do it. Some common messages I recieve regarding building your own website are:-

  • I want a new website for my petcare business, but don’t have a big budget.  Is it cheaper to build my own or take your £199 option?
  • I dont know anything about website code and I’m not a very technical person, will I be able to build my own website?
  • Which website builder is the best for me?
  • Are some easier to use than others?

If these are things you are wondering, then see our FAQ section below and we will try to answer a few of the more common queries that we get with regards to petcare business website builders.